8 Club members responded to the Illawarra Mercury’s “Natural Lighting Master Class” invitation on Friday, November 30th at Bushrangers’ Bay, Bass Point with Walkley Award Photographer Sylvia Liber.  Meeting Sylvia in the Bushrangers’ Bay car-park where she introduced herself giving a brief agenda of the afternoon’s activity including a 2 hour model photo shoot where each photographer would direct the model in various poses and a session on how images are selected for the newspaper. All assembled and off to the bay taking a short bush track and down several flights of stairs. On the rocky shore, Sylvia demonstrated the afternoon’s lighting (reflector) being ably manned by Brad as he would be directing the light as the photographer requested. Sylvia also demonstrated a small portable LED light source, however this class wouldn’t be using it; all natural lighting. (Click here for a short video of this Master Class)

Sylvia commenced the photographic session showing how to direct our model, Katie, explaining the photographer has to communicate and direct the model, even showing them, what the photographer wants from their pose. So it was the photographers turn directing Katie, where to look, how to pose, placement of her hands and more. The cameras begun to click, some faster than others. Wasn’t long before each photographer was working their camera in continuous/burst mode. Throughout this time, Sylvia and Brad explained little pointers to the less experienced photographers, encouraging all to talk to Katie. At the end of the shoot, we packed up and venture back to the car-park via the stairs and bush track.

After a short break and a summary of the photographing activity it was off to Shellharbour City Civic Centre for the next phase; “Going to Press”. Upon arrival we were directed to a work room where Sylvia, and fellow Mercury photographer Robert Peet, greeted us, commenced to download our images to which each photographer had to select 2. Sylvia explained there were 14 places, which she had two, leaving the Club members 12 slots. Sylvia demonstrate how images are uploaded to the Paper’s portal and then worked her way through the Article’s template. Once completed Sylvia signed off on this and the article was ready for the next process in the printing of a newspaper.

The Club wishes to thank Robert Peet for the very kind invitation and arranging the workshop, Sylvia Liber for her expertise in explaining portraiture using natural lighting, Brad Liber our “light man”, our model, Katie, for her patience with us all and Ian Simpson, Club’s Movie Makers Group, captured a video record of the Photo Shoot. In all about 1000 images were taken.

Did you get your copy of the Illawarra Mercury Newspaper for Saturday, December 1st 2018? If so, turn to page 66 for the double spread.