Congratulations APS Members! Australia has won the
4 Nations Inter-Country Competition, 2020!

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The 4 Nations competition is between the Societies of Australian Photographic Society
Canadian Association for Photographic Art, Photographic Society of New Zealand
and Photographic Society of South Africa.

Each Photographic Society submitted 80 images from 80 different photographers
and each image was entered into one of four categories;

Nature                         15 Images
Our Country                 15 Images
Open Monochrome        15 Images
Open Colour                 35 Images

Every year the competition host is rotated among the four societies, this year Australia hosted. The competition was conducted using MyPhotoclub online software, a huge thank you to Colin Woods for his sponsorship of this competition. The judges all remarked upon the ease of using this software. 

Our Jury Panel was  comprised of international judges with excellent qualifications and experience in judging National and International Competitions. They are themselves current international competitors who have each achieved high international distinctions from worldwide organisations. 

The award selections were viewed and discussed by the jury panel via a zoom meeting.

    1 x GOLD for each section
    3 x HONOURABLE MENTIONS for each section
    Digital Award Certificates will be emailed to the winners.

To maintain the spirit of this competition being a TEAM event (and not an 
individual event) individual scores will not be published. 

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted images directly by email and to those who entered the 2019 APS National from which APS Member images automatically go into the running for selection. CONGRATULATIONS to you all!

If you would like to represent Australia in the 2021 – 4 Nations competition be sure to get your entry into the 2020 APS National which will open 11th August 2020. More information avaliable on our website. APS National Digital 2020