Dear member,


We have been reviewing our practices and health advice regarding the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation. As you are aware the Prime Minister yesterday advised further restrictions upon group activities.

Allow me to re-assure you that the Camera Club is taking all this advice seriously and will be meeting those applicable to the Club’s activities. Your health and well-being is paramount to us and we will be reviewing all activities.

However this Post/email pertains to the Photography Group’s Monthly Print Competitions (A and B Grades). In a nutshell;


The Print Categories. The Monthly Competitions will continue to be held with the following qualification:

  • Entries will still require the digital on-line registration before the Closing Date;
  • NO PHYSICAL Print will be accepted, however the print must still be printed for verification. This is to eliminate handling risk associated with the virus and paper-to-paper transfer;
  • The Judging will be based upon the digital entry by our guest judge/s, in the same vein as the Digital/EDI’s;
  • Print Competition Results. It may take a little longer as the Club and Judges transition to this new arrangement;
  • Entry Comments. We are requesting our judge/s to provide written comments (same as the Digital) as best they can. At minimum the Awards are requested to be commented upon.

What does this mean to you?

  • There is no physical meeting, therefore no printed Print is required for judging;
  • Print Entry must still be printed for Competition entry verification;
  • Your “Entry’s” points will be include in the 2020 Print Pointscores as if the Print was judged;
  • 2020 Print of the Year Entry. At this time any image entry in this manner will be considered for the Print of the Year however it must be a printed version. More details about this as we come closer to the end of the year;
  • Print Closing Date is the same as the Digital, 2nd Tuesday of the Month;
  • Your Monthly Entry/Entries will be required earlier. So commence your 2020 planning now.

We understand that some print workers may not like their “print/s” being judged based upon the digital entry. We empathise with you on this matter. However your Management, and every member, is responsible for your wellbeing during these very difficult and uncertain times. All we ask is that you help us as we try to keep your competitions operating.

Thank you for your consideration of this advice. Management will continue to monitor this situation and advise you if and when any change to our practices will be made.


Bruce Shaw, Wollongong Camera Club.