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Brian Harvey

I am a life member of the Club and been a member since 1972. Having held many management positions and currently as Web Strategist. Cleared to work with children in volunteer roles.

Photography bio

Photography Experience
Many years a Colour Transparency enthusiast and printer. Now fully digital and enjoy assisting Club members enjoy the hobby. In the last 46 years have also added videography to my list of hobbies. Implemented MyPhotoShop software in Wollongong Camera Club and managing development as required.
Areas of interest
Macro, Landscapes, Natural locations like beaches and forests give me much enjoyment. Panorama photographs are also an interest. Becoming more interested in portraiture recently
Favourite Equipment
Panasonic Lumix G85 and Panasonic SD900 Video
Computer Stuff
Window 10, Laptop I7 editing with Light Room Classic CC and Photoshop CC for photographs. Power Director 16 and Davinci Resolve are my preferred video editing software.
Other info
Avid caravanner and like travelling to the outback.
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