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Bruce Shaw

Member since 1982, Public Officer (1990); Editor (1997). EDI Worker & Audio Visual Producer with my wife. Have served as President, Secretary & Committee person. Life Member.

Photography bio

Photography Experience
A combination of technical, educational and creative skill/knowledge. The marriage of art and visually "seeing" the picture. Current position, still climbing the mountain, but enjoying the view.
Areas of interest
Nature Landscapes, trains
Favourite Equipment
Commenced with Prakita L (1972) worked hard before failing swimming 101 in Barrington River (NSW); 1973 with Nikkormat FT2; 2006 Pentax ist/DL dSLR; 2011 Nikon dSLR.
Computer Stuff
Windows based. Corel Paintshop Pro (X8); Pictures To Exe (Wnsoft) for A/V products.