Wollongong Camera Club was established on 24th April 1944 by a band of like minded enthusiasts with a desire to learn and share the photographic experience. The club has maintained a strong following and been meeting regularly since 1944.

If you would like to talk to someone please ring the Club Secretary on 0409744071. Leave a message if it is not picked up and we will answer ASAP.

Alternatively, you may like to contact either our President or Secretary via the email addresses below –

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How to Join

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Where is Wollongong? Wollongong is on the East coast of Australia about 80 kilometres south of Sydney.

The Club Ever since it started, Wollongong Camera Club has devoted itself to the study and production of all types of still photographs. Always striving for excellence in the taking and producing of monochrome and colour prints and projected images for exhibition or just to share with other club members. The club has been meeting twice a month on the subject of still photography for many decades, and has always enjoyed a strong following. More recently the club has branched out into other technologies such as movie making and digital photography.

The Digital Revolution The computer is changing everything. No longer do we have to have a dark room to produce our prints, or a video studio to produce high quality movies. The club is getting more and more involved in the latest technologies, and many members are now submitting work produced with the latest gear. There is still a place for older technologies though, and we try to keep a balanced view, given that the art of photography is far more than just the technology we use.

Video Production Moviemaking Over the past several years the Club has started working with other photographic media. Around 30 years ago some of the members started producing “Audio Visuals” – Slides presented with sound tracks containing music and narrative.

Then we moved onto movie production and the technology and techniques for video editing to produce movies. The club holds one or more meetings a month specifically devoted to movie making

Affiliated with the Federation of Camera Clubs NSW Inc (FCC)