The School has imposed some restrictions on where we can and cannot park when attending Club meetings and whilst this will not be an issue for the Movie Maker’s, I think that on the Photo Group competition nights when we have a a good roll up of members, late comers may have to double park or else park on Lewis Drive and walk up the steps; not the best for walking back down in the dark.

The restrictions apply to the covered area just outside the entrance to the School hall due to the fact that the thinly applied asphalt base is showing some damage and there also appears to be a problem with the ground sinking in places. Furthermore, we are not permitted to park on the grassed area in the top car park.

Fortunately, we can however park in both the bottom and top car parks !

Members co-operation and adherance to the above would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Dawne Harridge (Secretary)